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Episode 17—Key diversity recruiting insights from Blinkist

Episode 17 of the Hiring Success Podcast features Mertcan Uzun, a talent acquisition and diversity & inclusion specialist at Blinkist. Based in Berlin, Blinkist is an app that summarizes a variety nonfiction books into 15-minute audio and text summaries. In 2019 they were nominated by LinkedIn as one of the hottest German startups to work for, which comes as no surprise given the company’s commitment to fostering an open, inclusive work culture, and to contributing towards a greater social good.

In this episode, Mertcan and I talk about the role of Blinkist’s talent team in bringing these commitments to life through their diversity recruiting initiatives. Topics covered include using quantitative and qualitative analysis to inform diversity recruiting goals, creating a compelling candidate experience for persons from underrepresented groups, engaging hiring managers to increase diversity and minimize bias during the selection process, partnering with the c-suite to create meaningful D&I initiatives, and more.

Mason Mitchel

Mason Mitchel

Mason Mitchel is the Editor-in-Chief of Hiring Success.