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Diversity & inclusion
begins with how you hire

The 10 Principles of Diversity Hiring are a guide to building a more inclusive recruiting process. But, before finalizing we want to hear from you. Would your organization consider adopting these standards?

10 Principles of Diversity Hiring

Diverse Hiring Team

Underrepresented groups are properly represented within the Hiring team. Hiring decisions are not driven solely by a single person but result from a transparent team effort. 

Awareness Training

Everyone on the hiring team has completed and passed a training curriculum to increase cultural awareness and reduce human bias.

Clear Representation Objectives

To the extent permitted by law, the company has stated representation objectives for each job category and Executives are measured against these targets.

Inclusive Hiring Process

The hiring process provides reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities or special needs. Every candidate is equally treated and feels equally comfortable.

Neutral Job Description

Job descriptions are inclusive, use neutral language, and include only relevant minimum requirements so as to be welcoming to all qualified candidates.

Dedicated Sourcing

The recruiting team over invests budget and efforts into sourcing channels that target underrepresented groups.

No Bias Screening

Initial screening leverages technology and a fair process to ensure applicant profile and qualifications are consistently evaluated on unbiased criteria.

Structured Interviewing

All interviews are structured and feedback from all interviewers is documented in a job-specific scorecard centered on must achieves (rather than must-haves).

Inclusive Onboarding

The onboarding experience puts inclusion at the forefront to ensure all new employees feel seen and supported equally.

Fair Internal Hiring

All internal jobs are made available to all employees who go through a fair and standard hiring process designed to avoid arbitrary promotions.

Give Feedback

We will be hosting a follow-up session with talent acquisition leaders to discuss the future of D&I Recruiting and how we can apply these principles. Click the link below to join a roundtable on November 5th.

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