Hiring Success

Diversity Hiring Blueprint

The Diversity Hiring Blueprint offers organizations a holistic view of their
diversity hiring maturity level. The blueprint starts with a comprehensive assessment that delivers a custom-made report, serving as guidance on how to improve diversity hiring outcomes with tailored actionable insights.

Your Diversity Hiring Toolkit

growth icon Current Diversity Hiring Maturity

Holistic and objective evaluation of
your diversity hiring capabilities

analytics icon Objective, Measurable Outcomes

Best of breed hiring standards & relevant
benchmarks (Diversity Hiring Maturity Model)

report icon Tailor-Made Blueprint Action Plan

Bespoke guidance & actionable steps
based on your current level of maturity

Start Your Journey Towards Diversity Hiring Success

Diversity Hiring Maturity Model Pillars

The Diversity Hiring Maturity Model

Leveraging best in breed diversity hiring standards, the Diversity Hiring Maturity Model offers relevant benchmarks, tailored guidance, and actionable recommendations for companies of all sizes & industries.

The Diversity Hiring Blueprint leverages this model to evaluate the maturity of organizations across 4 success pillars, each of which consists of 3 key standards.

What to Expect

The Diversity Hiring Assessment is conducted through a comprehensive questionnaire (> 100 questions). We recommend that this survey be completed by someone who has an in-depth knowledge of your Talent Acquisition, Marketing, and Diversity initiatives.