Hiring Success

Hiring Success® Master Class

The Hiring Success Master Class is a free educational platform where TA leaders can learn from subject matter experts on how to build a recruiting strategy that delivers real results.

After completion, attendees will receive 6 SHRM credits and a Hiring Success Certification.

experts icon Taught by TA Experts

All lessons are taught by accomplished experts in the field, among them current and former Talent Acquisition Leaders.

outcomes icon Proven outcomes

The Hiring Success Master Class delivers the building blocks for a Talent Acquisition transformation that will enable you to deliver Hiring Success back to your business.

schedule icon On-demand

Once registered, follow the class at your own convenience. You will receive one lesson per week via email.

certification icon Get Certified

Complete the full class to become a “Hiring Success Certified Expert”. With each completed lesson, you are also eligible for 1 SHRM and HRCI Credit.

Your lessons

Learn the foundations of Hiring Success and become SHRM certified

Hiring Success Overview: The Future Of Recruiting

An introduction to the proven methodology that delivers Hiring Success outcomes including the three key principles & metrics.

Evaluate Your Current State

Lay the foundation for your journey and identify where your people, process and technology lie along with the Hiring Success Maturity Model.

Build A Strategy That Delivers Results

Create a winning playbook that achieves the three principles of Hiring Success by identifying the recruiting capabilities you want to invest in.

Transform Your Organization

With your strategy laid out, time to execute change. Secure executive alignment, manage implementation, and ensure change management.

Track Your Success and Optimize

From go-live to maturity: leverage advanced insights to report on key metrics while identifying next steps and further opportunities for growth.

Wrapping Up: What Did You Learn

A comprehensive summary of the class’ content. Take the final quiz to earn your Hiring Success Certification badge.

Translate Hiring Success strategy into action

High Volume Hiring

Leverage capabilities within the 3 pillars of Hiring Success to build an effective, high-volume recruiting strategy.

CRM & Talent Pools

Build talent communities & leverage CRM to tap into pre-qualified pools of warm candidates so you can source efficiently and hire effectively.

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