Hiring Success

6 practical ways to recruit more strategically

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Hiring Success is a growing movement in the talent acquisition space. Companies that experience this result routinely excel in delivering three outcomes: a compelling candidate experience, engaged hiring managers, and productive recruiters. SmartRecruiters has put together extensive research that dives into delivering these three outcomes. Productive recruiters go beyond doing more of the same and instead come up with ways to fundamentally change how they work in order to deliver better results. At most organizations, the recruiting team is the only group of people dedicated to connecting and reeling in the next great infusion of talent. Knowing your source-of-hire mix to increase productivity to save the company time and money is one such example. Conducting batch interviews is another that increases speed and quality by eliminating unnecessary scheduling conflicts. What are some other low-cost, practical things recruiters can do to become more strategic and to improve the hiring process at their organizations? Read on to find out.

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Roy Maurer