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Episode 19—How Red Bull is Giving Candidates Wings

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Join us as we delve into the world of psychometric evaluations with Red Bull and explore their new tool, Wingfinder.

Red Bull is synonymous with high-performance athletes and artists, and now they are taking on the world of work with a new psychometric evaluation meant to give TA teams and candidates wings.

The evaluation aptly named ‘Wingfinder’ is based on decades of research not only helps recruiters in their selection process but also delivers real value to candidates with a personalized strengths report and coaching plan. The crazy part? Anyone can use it, free of charge.

To gain greater insight into the inspiration and functionality of this new tool we talked with Alexandra Kuric, part of the Global Talent Management team who’s been with Red Bull for almost a decade.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The science behind Wingfinder
  • Is there a secret recipe for talent?
  • How you can use Wingfinder for L&D or recruitment
  • What it’s like to take Wingfinder as a candidate

Check out more on this topic in our in-depth article, How Red Bull Gives their Candidates Wings, or take Wingfinder for yourself by clicking here!

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