Hiring Success


Mason Mitchel

Mason Mitchel is the Editor-in-Chief of Hiring Success.

Elaine Orler

Elaine Orler is the founder of CEO of Talent Function.

Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell is the CEO of SocialTalent.

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru is a Senior Product Marketing Manager @ SmartRecruiters

Rich Lewis Jones

Enterprise Accounts Lead APAC at SmartRecruiters

Tony de Graaf

Tony de Graaf is the director of Hiring Success EMEA at SmartRecruiters.

Maren Hogan

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is the Head of People at SmartRecruiters.

Phil Strazzulla

Phil Strazzulla is the founder of SelectSoftware Reviews, a website dedicated to helping HR and TA buy the right software through in-depth, unbiased research. Phil started his career working in venture capital at Bessemer Venture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Josh Bersin

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Aman Kidwai

Shannon Mullen O'Keefe

Jared Best

Jared Best is the director of Hiring Success Consulting at SmartRecruiters.

Roy Maurer

Lou Adler

Lars Schmidt

Kris Dunn

William Tincup

Akansha Agrawal

Susan Heathfield

Sarah A. Lybrand

Sophia Lee

Rebecca Carr

Rebecca Carr is the Senior Vice President of Growth and Hiring Success at SmartRecruiters.

Laura Schneider

Laura Schneider is currently a Senior Recruiter at Amazon Web Services. She has previously held senior talent acquisition and HR roles at Cisco, DHL and several other technical and consulting companies. The opinions expressed are Laura's only and do not reflect the views of Amazon or any previous employers.

Doriana Mitan

Doriana is a freelance HR and recruitment consultant and owner of River Peak Consulting. Doriana has been in HR and recruiting since 2007 and has worked in a variety of industries including healthcare, fitness, marketing and retail. In her free time she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her family in Southwestern Colorado.

Matt Tague

Matt Tague currently leads the strategic sourcing and talent intelligence teams at Lyft. He previously held roles at Microsoft leading global talent intelligence and channels, as well as previous roles at LinkedIn both in product marketing and as global talent market strategist.

Alexis Berman

Alexis Berman is an independent leadership development and talent management consultant. In addition to other roles, she was previously the director of leadership and talent management at Chobani and a senior human resources business partner at Merck.

Seth Harris

Joseph Parilla

Mike Fisher

Christopher Abbass

Franziska Altenrath

Jonathan Benett

Sarah Yang

As a professional drummer, filmmaker, poet, and improv actor, Sarah Yang is a magnetic and animated speaker on creativity, diversity, and talent branding. She's delivered talks to global audiences at Grace Hopper Celebration, Cisco, Oracle, Lesbians Who Tech, Women Who Code, Workday, HiringSuccess, and CoderDojo.

Under Tony Le's leadership at Getaround, she managed their employer brand, talent content strategy, diversity program, and structured interview training. From the US to France, Sarah impacted employee values and diversity initiatives while being a beacon of inspiration and talent that employees could rally around. She grew the LinkedIn company page's impressions by 500+%, mentored team members in their personal growth, and initiated diversity awareness programs while traveling and speaking globally to represent the company.

First Round Review

Roberta Matuson

Dr. Pragya Agarwal

Bigad Shaban

Salvador Rodriguez

Molly Fosco

Matt Charney

Nick Bunker

Eric Katz

Rich Henson

Mark Kramer

Neha Pradhan

Chris Morris

Celinda Appleby

Celinda Appleby is the global talent attraction director at VISA.

Romy Newman

Paul Keijzer

Jo Deal

Melissa Murray Bailey

Melissa Murray Bailey is the head of sales, North America talent brand and hiring solutions at LinkedIn.

Dana Stevenson

Dana Stevenson is a junior customer support representative at SmartRecruiters.

Arjan Spies

Arjan Spies is the head of recruitment at CarNext.com

Jennifer Robison

Edie Goldberg

Eva Sage-Gavin

Becky Frankiewicz

President at ManpowerGroup Inc

Jamie Cohen, PsyD

Jamie Alexis Cohen, PsyD is an attending clinical psychologist with the Psycho-Oncology Department at the Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of California-San Francisco. Her clinical interests include motivational processes involved in adaptive health behavior change, facilitating integrative and interdisciplinary approaches to comprehensive healthcare, as well as assisting patients and their families cope with the challenges associated with cancer diagnosis, care, and survivorship.

Rebecca Warren

Rebecca Warren is a senior director of talent acquisition at Cracker Barrel.

Gareth Flynn

Gareth Flynn is the Managing Director of TQSolutions.

Sondra Dreyer

Sondra Dreyer is the global head of brand & attraction at Alexander Mann Solutions.

Wudan Yan

Thomas Davenport

Nicole Hammond

Nicole Hammond is the director of Hiring Success at SmartRecruiters.

Grayson Kemper

Sarah White

Paul Phillips

Alex Haimann

Ben Rynja

Ben Rynja is a senior Hiring Success & solutions consultant at SmartRecruiters.

Jeffrey Frey

Jeff is a recognized leader in global management, emerging technologies, and real-world education.

Forbes Coaches Council

Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck is the founder and CEO of SmartRecruiters.

Selina Keller

Partner within PwC Australia's People and Organisation team, specialising in Global Mobility HR Consulting

Jason Paradowski

Jason Paradowski is the head of HR services and talent acquisition at Bosch, Americas region.

Dave Zielinksi

Sara Brown

Tom Weinert

Jeanne Meister

Maarten Bokhoven

Maarten Bokhoven is the Head of Employer Branding, Sourcing, and Community Management at ABN AMRO.

Heather Myers

Heather Myers is the Chief Psychology Officer at Traitify.

Morgan Lobb

Morgan Lobb is the Founder and CEO of VERDICA.

Elena Valentine

Theo Smith

Theo Smith is a Recruitment Manager at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson is the Chief People Officer at Okta, Inc.

Julia Brouwers

Julia Brouwers is a consultant/writer at www.juliabrouwers.com

Margie Lee-Johnson

Natasha Nagra

Natasha Nagra is the Head of Employer Brand & Talent at Kew Green Hotels Limited.

Dr. Angela Jackson

Pete Olson

Pete Olson is the Chief Product Officer at Click Boarding

Tricia O'Connor

Brent Pearson

Brent Pearson is the CEO & Founder @ Enboarder

Bjorn Veenstra

Bjorn Veenstra is the CEO @ CompanyMatch

Catherine Munnelly

Marketing Manager @ Jobpal

Ken Lahti, PhD

Chief Science and Innovation Officer @ SHL

Jason Medley

Jason Medley @ Chief People Officer at Codility

Dan Sines

Chris Raw

Customer Success Manager @ SmartRecruiters

Tim Pröhm

Bill Boorman

Stuart Jones

Founder & Director @ InSource Talent

Zubin Fitter

Lou Goodman

Rocki Howard

Sira Laurel

Sira is an organizational coach and consultant at www.SiraLaurel.com

Alex Wesler

Front-end web developer and marketer with a focus on balancing aesthetics, user experience, and digital marketing goals. Design and development for responsive layout, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, Web Analytics and Optimization.

Miranda Miranda Berkhof

Jake Schwartz

Tony Le

Tony is an industry expert in Talent Acquisition with over 15+ years of experience in recruiting, HR operations, retail and customer service. He currently leads a global recruiting team at Getaround (with experiences at Workday, IAC/Ask.com and more) focusing his team on candidate experience. And believes technology, data and people are the key to hiring success where the candidate experience doesn’t end with the candidate’s first day.

Jonathan Benett

Mark Villarreal

Kevin Nious

Denise Moulton

Jenae Notification

Leslie Kivit

Leslie Kivit is a talent acquisition leader at Facebook.

Shelley Winner

Shelley Winner is a surface specialist at a multi-national tech company.

Kelley Steven-Waiss

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Chief Talent Scientist at ManpowerGroup Inc

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a Regional Vice President of enterprise sales at SmartRecruiters.

Thomas Redman

Dipak Sundaram

Jonathan Dunlea

Thomas Waldman

Thomas Waldman is the Director of Talent Acquisition Global Operations at Coty.

Robert Brown

Yer Winder

Sam Acuna

Dr. Joiselle Cunningham

Alicia Ng

Alicia Ng is a Global Content Marketing Manager @ Enboarder

Berni Szczepanski

Berni Szczepanski is the Vice President of Human Resources @ Northwestern Medicine

Matt Charney