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Building culture through TA #1: Your team and process matters more than you think

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As we try to build the culture we want at our companies, we forget about the messages we send in our recruiting process. There is a generational shift as recruiting is changing from an HR workflow to be more like a Sales and Marketing function that focuses on attracting candidates to a brand. Most legacy ATS providers and the recruiting module of HR systems are focused on doing one thing well: tracking applicants. Their strengths are automating the process to track applicants, and they’re built on an old paradigm that treats people as cogs in a machine- moving them from one stage to the next. They don’t support the way candidates want to be treated, and thus, do not reflect the culture you want to portray to those looking to join your team. Things like matching the length and intensity of your “apply for an open job” process with your culture are key. Ensure your recruiting team has the people and processes in place to communicate the current or aspired cultural state. Who do you want to be?

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Kris Dunn