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How the Dallas Cowboys are really in the talent acquisition business

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While the playing of professional football is currently in its offseason, unless you are an XFL aficionado, the recruiting season of the NFL is in full blossom. Most candidate journeys are personal, private matters, yet the machinations of the NFL Draft are the most public of all recruiting sessions. Therefore, the talent acquisition leaders in question, the general managers and other associated team management staff of the NFL make it a point to show they are practicing their due diligence in preparation for the NFL Combine, where the players hoping to be selected during the NFL Draft display their physical traits and mental acuity. 

As the COO of the Dallas Cowboys remarked, ‘We’re in the talent acquisition business.’ The question for non-sports talent acquisition professionals is what lessons can be learned via these publicly televised recruiting events? Are there any physical or mental trials that potential NFL athletes are put through that could be appropriately shifted and translated into the talent acquisition strategy of an office setting?

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Mike Fisher