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Episode 11 – Recruiting in a Recession

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Learn how to navigate hiring during economic uncertainty with expert insight from Denise Moulton, VP of HR & Talent Research at Bersin, Deloitte Consulting.

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The last couple of months have been surreal and marked by uncertainty. The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted nearly every aspect of day-to-day life across the world, in particular the economy.

Many businesses are already grappling with the consequences of the global economic slowdown. Thousands of Americans have already been laid off and by some estimates 3 million jobs—as well as the irreplaceable sense of stability and security that comes with them—could be lost by this summer.

That is a reality that no one should have to face due to circumstances that are beyond their control. Therefore, we feel a clear responsibility to help our customers, friends, and everyone in our orbit navigate the difficulties that lie ahead with the resources that are at our disposal.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve shifted our innovation to areas where we can help businesses and candidates the most, such as internal mobility improvements to source and keep existing talent and CRM enhancements to help companies maintain a healthy candidate pipeline in preparation for the inevitable upswing. 

We’ll also started tapping into the wisdom of talent leaders in our network who can offer actionable insight and tips on how to navigate hiring during a crisis. Furthermore, we’ll regularly be sharing recruiting and hiring-related resources to help your business adapt strategically and successfully, Point in case: today’s podcast episode, which features a recording of Denise Moulton’s presentation at this year’s Hiring Success conference on recruiting in a recession.

Denise is the VP of HR & Talent Research at Bersin, Deloitte Consulting. Not only is she more than qualified to talk about the topic at length, she also frames the discussion in a manner that’s lighthearted and refreshing, which makes it more approachable considering its seriousness. This episode is one you’ll want to bookmark for future reference.

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Until the next time, take care. Stay healthy.

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Mason Mitchel

Mason Mitchel is the Editor-in-Chief of Hiring Success.