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Episode 14 – How to Build a Business Case for a Modern ATS

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Jerome Ternynck and Elaine Orler shed insight on how to make a compelling case for new TA tech.

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to get internal buy-in for new for a new TA tech stack? You probably know that your team is only as good as the tools it uses, but how do you succinctly communicate that to your colleagues and the c-suite?

Today’s episode is an excerpt from a recent webinar in which SmartRecruiters’ CEO Jerome Ternynck and Elaine Orler—founder & CEO of Talent Function—clearly outline the most important points to include when making a bulletproof business case for a modern and sophisticated applicant tracking system.

You can find more information on SmartRecruiters’ ATS Upgrade Program here.


Mason Mitchel

Mason Mitchel is the Editor-in-Chief of Hiring Success.