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Everything you need to know about hiring millennials

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As the workforce ages, employers are starting to see a large influx of millennials entering the talent pool and workforce. In fact, as of right now, 2020, nearly half of the workforce is made up of millennials. Employers can no longer ignore the new face of talent and are quickly adapting in an attempt to attract and hire millennials. Millennials heavily research a company before accepting a job, so a focus on employer branding is just one of the many changes your organization needs to make if you want to attract millennials. Akansha Agrawal article, “What You Need to Know to Hire Millennials”, provides insights on millennial’s job hunting habits as well as the perks young job seekers still value above all else.

Check out the article here: What You Need to Know to Hire Millennials | LinkedIn Talent Blog

Akansha Agrawal