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The time is now: Future-proof your TA strategy

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What can you as a talent acquisition leader do to future-proof your TA strategy? If that question has been keeping you up at night, then be sure to check out the following webinar for which I was recently a panelist—TA Today.

TA Today is a five-part series that brings together talent acquisition experts who share their ideas on how to emerge from the current economic downturn—stronger and better equipped than ever. Below, you’ll find a recording of the session, as well as key insights to keep in mind after viewing it.

Session 1: Future-proof your TA strategy


  • Rob Symons, SmartRecruiters
  • Denise Moulton, Deloite
  • Tim Sackett, HRU Technical Resources
  • Arjan Spies, NextCar.com

What we’re seeing

Overall, strategies are not changing but priorities are. The hiring landscape has changed or slowed for most companies and recruiters are digging deeper into the sourcing side. The best organizations will take this time to upgrade their talent, or focus on “purple squirrels”. A candidate who wasn’t interested in you six months ago may now reconsider if their circumstances have changed.

What you can do right now

  1. The most valuable transformation to start right now will be the one informed by your data. Think about the data you have access to, what is it telling you, and what can you do with it to make informed strategic decisions.
  2. Reevaluate your candidate experience and ask yourself:
    • Where have we lost candidates in the process that we didn’t want to lose?
    • How can we do a better job with the lesser volume?
    • How do we make sure those “purple squirrels” don’t get the same treatment as before?
    • How do we find the exact person who can cope with the environment right now AND is suitable for the future?

Transformation projects worth looking at now

  • Internal mobility
  • CRM – nurturing pipeline thoughtfully
  • Upgrading talent, talent rediscovery
  • Evaluate technology that will help make processes more efficient

Ideas for future-proofing

  • Ask yourself: “If we add x% more or reduce by x% of this or that…Will what we do still work?”
  • Stop presenting TA as a standalone business. Can you design the organization in a way to mobilize teams in a different way and at scale? What about using everyone in your org as a recruiter?
  • Think about coming up with processes that supercharge what you want to do. In a couple weeks when the dust settles, TA is going to be the “most popular kid.” It just doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

Quotable session quote

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”

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Arjan Spies

Arjan Spies is the head of recruitment at CarNext.com