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Job postings touting remote work maintain steady pace

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Indeed’s Hiring Lab published a new study documenting whether the recent global events have produced a marked shift in job postings mentioning ‘remote work.’ Additionally, their data included job searches that included the phrase ‘remote work,’ and similar flexible work arrangements.

The data, in turn, showed there has been a sizable shift upwards, with ‘remote work’ now representing nearly 4% of all job searches on Indeed, up from 1.5% at the beginning of February. On the employer side, there has also been an increase, while not as dramatic as the candidate market, in job advertising featuring terms such as ‘work from home’ and ‘remote.’

If you are a TA leader for an office, tech-focused workplace, have you been updating all of your job descriptions with similar flexible work arrangement language? Additionally, if you are managing recruiting for an ‘essential business,’ how have you been altering the language of your job postings to ensure potential job candidates are finding your opportunities?

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Nick Bunker