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Struggling to find good talent? 15 ways to switch up your hiring strategy

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With arguably the deepest talent pool in recent decades available for hire to many companies, it is vital for talent acquisition teams to strengthen and adapt hiring strategies to meet the moment.

Forbes Coaches Council introduced 15 compelling ways to ensure your talent acquisition strategy is aligned to hire the best future contributors to your business. While not all of the 15 approaches will fit each company, we wanted to highlight the following three suggestions because they fit the talent attraction and engagement approach of Hiring Success:

  • Market The Role In Unique Ways
  • Appeal To The Next Generation Of Talent
  • Remove Any Opportunities For Unconscious Bias

The aforementioned three suggestions highlight the importance of how to tailor your talent attraction and engagement strategy into a unified, candidate recruitment marketing approach that amplifies the best aspects of your employer brand, emphasizes the diversity and inclusion of your company, and showcases your growth-oriented market leadership, all of which combine to elevate your pitch to the best talent on the market.

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