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Jennifer Robison sums it perfectly, “employee development is the difference between a growing company and an increasingly irrelevant one.” Developing internal talent and preparing them for their next career stages are required acts of successful managers. 

The question that Robison explores in her article is how managers can foster employee development. Her answer is straightforward: create the space for thoughtful feedback via routine authentic conversations. Moreover, businesses should not sideline employee value propositions to the interview and recruitment process. Instead, managers should consistently reinforce how a company’s growth is related to an employee’s role, and craft internal talent development programs to aid personal talent growth. The result of a solidified employee-manager relationship creates an engaged employee. 
Robison concludes her article with an impressive stat – it takes a salary bump of more than 20% to lure away an engaged employee; therefore, one of your best internal mobility and retention practices is crafting a talent engagement strategy.

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Jennifer Robison