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Virtual onboarding: How to welcome new hires while fully remote

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While once a practice left for a handful of employees, now it is likely all your new employees will experience a virtual onboarding. With that in mind, Jo Deal, the CHRO of LogMeln, listed out a fantastic set of best practices and tips. 

All of the advice Jo shared is excellent, and in particular, there are three key practices she explained that we think are critical for all recruiting professionals to adopt:

  1. Provide a virtual mentor
  2. Adapt programs and groups to a virtual environment
  3. Highlight positivity

In the physical workplace, a mentor is an invaluable resource for a new employee. In a virtual setting, that mentor could be even more critical in building the confidence and preparedness of your new hire. Likewise, adapting in-office occasions, like happy hours, or groups, like a workout club, to virtual events are also critical in ensuring that onboarding and culture-building programs continue to create positive experiences for new employees. Lastly, it’s always a great idea to share the early wins of a new hire with the rest of the company, therefore, you should continue to do so in the virtual workplace. 

Do you have any new experiences with virtual onboarding? Has your company created new virtual onboarding documents and programs to adapt?

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