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What’s happening now — and next — in platform hiring

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With the Nasdaq Composite continuing to approach record levels, it’s quite clear the market demand for tech companies remains strong despite the apparent economic headwinds. As documented by Sara Brown for MIT Sloan School of Management, there also remains a concurrent demand and battle for top talent within the leading platform companies of the tech community.

The central issue of the hiring process for these platform companies remains the scarcity of talent for the most high impact roles. As relayed by Peter Evans,  managing partner at the Platform Strategy Institute, “The demands on these kinds of roles are quite stunning…It’s extremely difficult to find one person that can meet all these capabilities.”

In summation, what’s happening now and next in platform hiring requires an adoption of the Talent Scarcity-Impact Framework to ensure your platform company, whether you are a legacy provider or new upstart in the marketplace, can continue to find, recruit and hire the ‘unicorns’ that will develop your firm’s next great product.

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