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3 data-driven approaches to recruit talent during coronavirus (COVID-19): Wednesday wisdom with Lehua Stonebraker of Ceridian

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Lehua Stonebraker, the Director of Talent Attraction & Acquisition at Ceridian, was interviewed by HR Technologist about data-driven approaches to recruit talent during the Covid-19 epidemic. 

The key areas where Stonebraker thought companies should dedicate resources to were:

  1. Employer branding
  2. Digital tools
  3. Rigorous review and application of recruiting metrics and data

Employer branding investment should focus on ensuring your company’s career pages, social channels, and review profiles are all current and reflect the current opportunities and ethos of the company. For digital tools, beyond the traditional necessities of online interview evaluation forms and email, this is the time to look into utilizing video conferencing, text messaging, and other instant messaging options for recruiting communications. Lastly, since we are all shifting the review of our talent acquisition processes to an entirely digital environment, consider the adoption of artificial intelligence software for your candidate sourcing and screening opportunities to automate and streamline processes that you might have previously ironed out with in-office meetings. Therefore, you will be able to free up your talent acquisition process to focus on the highest-quality candidates at a time when many talent acquisition professionals will be faced with time and resource constraints. 

In reference to Stonebraker’s tips, are their methods you are utilizing to shift your recruiting data dashboards to ensure your recruiting ROI is not diminishing as a result of your all-digital workspace?

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Neha Pradhan