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Responding to COVID-19. Ten lessons from the world’s HR leaders.

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Josh Bersin hosted a webcast this week with HR Executive and we wanted to provide a summary of his key takeaways from the talk. In summation, there were ten key touchstones that the webcast participants and Bersin coalesced around as lessons for the HR industry to take note of due to COVID-19.

The items that we found the most resonant are the following three:

  1. Remote Work is Real and It’s Big
    • The white-collar workforce over the course of a month has been transferred into an entirely digital space, revealing both the promises and pitfalls of remote work. What strategies have you been tailoring at your company to ensure work productivity and work-life balance are maintaining their previous standards as realistically as possible. 
  2. Distributed Authority is Key
    • If you are the talent acquisition leader of a global firm, there might be regions of your company under different restrictions than others. How are you working with your local leaders to ensure progress towards common goals?
  3. Continuity Planning is Vital: Black Swan Events Happen All The Time
    • The current moment is ensuring that all companies utilize various continuity plans. What are the most common quarterly talent acquisition goals that you have shifted as a result of the fluidity of events?

We’d love you hear from you not only in reference to the questions we raised regarding the three aforementioned talking points from Bersin’s webcast but also from his ten memorandums in total.

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