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3 things top companies can do to hire more women in 2020

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Regardless of current events, we all should continue in global efforts to make the workplace more equitable and diverse in employment opportunities and practices. One central area of continued focus should be for talent acquisition leaders to focus on hiring more women for roles throughout organizations. 

There are many distinct areas where recruiting professionals can make positive contributions to the hiring process so more women apply and get hired for job opportunities. One area in particular that can be tremendously helpful is to directly address your company’s active programs on gender equality on your website.

Furthermore, your company should have examples on your site, whether it’s your careers page or company blog, that display the stories and principles at your company that are focused on gender equality. For example, Johnson & Johnson, a critical company in this moment in time, has a wonderful pathway on its careers page that illustrates its ‘Re-Ignite Program,’ which is for people returning to the workforce after two years for various life events and experiences, such ‘starting or raising a family.’ By providing this information upfront, your company will be able to attract more top-tier talent from diverse backgrounds into your recruiting process.

What are some industry examples that you have seen that reflect positive action steps to recruit more women into the workplace?

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Romy Newman