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Citi offering summer interns full-time positions upon graduation

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While the general hiring trends in the global economy appear as unending bad news, we think it’s vital to highlight the bright spots of companies doing their best despite trying times. In this case, we are showcasing Citigroup’s decision to extend full-time positions to all of its summer interns upon their college graduation and completion of internship requirements.

Totalling 750 interns in the U.S alone, Citi’s decision benefits all of its interns globally and is meant to serve as a stabilizing force for interns who most likely have had their in-person college graduations cancelled and were probably facing increasing worries about their first, full-time job searches during the backdrop of a pandemic. 

This encouraging development from Citi will most likely have positive externalities in terms of the talent acquisition and retention strategy of the company, which prompts the question for other companies in a similar position to Citi: if you are the talent acquisition leader for a company that is fortunately well-positioned during this crisis, how are you utilizing the moment to enhance your acquisition and retention strategies?

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Chris Morris