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Coronavirus is putting corporate social responsibility to the test

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In times of turmoil, core values come to the forefront. For the better part of the past decade, corporate social responsibility has been a cornerstone of modern enterprises. In specific regards to talent acquisition, a firm’s CSR initiatives have become central tenants of employer branding techniques and sometimes prompt questions from skeptics as to whether those programs are all advertising or are they deep-rooted principles of the business.

With the all-hands-on-deck nature of the current moment, many businesses’ CSR promises are being tested in real-time. While nearly every corporate budget is currently constrained, this is a moment for a business to play a humanistic role that cannot only materially support communities in need, but also an opportunity to document how when times got tough, your actions met your words. As a leader of talent acquisition, how are you ensuring your company is staying committed to its CSR goals?

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Mark Kramer