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[E-book] Company Fit: the not so secret ingredient for Hiring Success

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More & more businesses are realizing the importance of ensuring a strong fit between the company and their new hires. Ensuring such fit not only drives an organization’s Net Hiring Score, but it is also a key success factor in talent retention. CompanyMatch seeks to help its clients make better hiring decisions by assessing candidates based on company & culture fit. In their latest whitepaper, Company Fit in Recruitment, readers can find insights on how hire stronger fit candidates with thoughtful talent retention strategy:

  • Understanding what candidates are looking for in company culture
  • Assessing how your current recruiting infrastructure conveys your organization’s culture
  • Defining and tracking metrics that measure the performance your hiring decision

Download the white-paper today to get a better understanding of Company Fit, how to quantify it and why it is so important to Hiring Success!

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Bjorn Veenstra

Bjorn Veenstra is the CEO @ CompanyMatch