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Episode 16 – Why Dynamic Work Is the Future of Talent Attraction & Retention

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Episode 16 of the Hiring Success Podcast features an episode with Kristina Johnson, Chief People Officer at Okta, Inc. Over the last year, the company has been transitioning to dynamic work—which, some might say, is the wiser, older sibling of remote or distributed work.  

According to Kristina and her colleagues at Okta, Dynamic Work can be defined as follows:

Dynamic Work is a new way of thinking about an agile and flexible global workforce. It’s a framework our team created that enables us to hire talent, regardless of location, making office spaces needs-based rather than required. Dynamic

Work not only provides employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere—whether that’s in a regional office space or at home—but provides employees with comparable benefits, flexible schedules, and work environments and experiences, regardless of their location.

Like distributed work, it supports employees with the necessary technology and infrastructure, but also provides options for healthcare, fitness, volunteer opportunities, and more so that employees can choose the package that works best for them and their families, wherever they are.

Dynamic Work also rethinks the traditional workplace, shifting away from the traditional model with workstations and conference rooms in traditional office spaces, and it empowers employees to be their most productive and successful selves from anywhere, whether it’s in the office or from home.

It’s centered around the premise that creating flexibility and enabling employees to work and live where it makes the most sense for them drives enablement, satisfaction, and productivity, and enables organizations to hire talent from a much broader and diverse pool.”

We discuss the myriad benefits of dynamic work, who stands to benefit from it most, and what companies should keep in mind before making the transition. 

Mason Mitchel

Mason Mitchel is the Editor-in-Chief of Hiring Success.