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Using change management as a competitive TA advantage

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Bosch is one of the largest engineering and technology companies in the world. At the forefront of innovation, the company is well aware of the necessity of a skilled workforce for driving business success.

The process for acquiring that talent also requires constant innovation and change. In order to ensure that said change is implemented smoothly and yields the best results for the organization, Jason Paradowski—head of HR services & talent acquisition—relies on his background in operations and the principles of change management.

In episode 15 of the Hiring Success Podcast, he discusses the ways in which he helped the company streamline its talent function, increase its hiring velocity, and drive TA transformation with zero increase in budget—an initiative that gave Bosch a competitive hiring advantage against other major tech corporations.


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Jason Paradowski

Jason Paradowski is the head of HR services and talent acquisition at Bosch, Americas region.