Hiring Success

How to design a better hiring process

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Hiring Success only arrives after a thorough evaluation and assessment of the current pain points of your talent acquisition and hiring processes, and that is a discovery Alex Haimann of Less Annoying CRM (LACRM) shared recently in the Harvard Business Review.

Haimann’s team first zeroed in on the central qualitative aspect of the hiring process – the candidate experience. His team took four concrete steps to make the candidate experience a more compelling and meaningful talent attraction and evaluation process. Secondly, once they had implemented a new, compelling candidate evaluation framework, they moved onto establishing new quantitative recruiting metrics to assess the impact and efficacy of their hiring.

In essence, the team at LACRM piloted a Hiring Success implementation project, starting with the redevelopment of the candidate experience and culminating with the establishment of new hiring metrics to ensure a positive return on hiring moving forward.

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Alex Haimann