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How businesses can recruit and develop more young people of color

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The first step in cultivating more diverse and inclusive workplaces often arrives in the form of a company declaration; the second step of the process, however, is when the real work begins. That step is “to build equitable systems that meet the needs of all young people,” as expertly stated by Joiselle Cunningham and Angela Jackson in Harvard Business Review.

Their three steps for companies striving to tear down discrimination in the labor market are as follows:

  1. Start Professional Development Early
  2. Increase Access to Technology
  3. Improving Hiring Practices

The stated three approaches describe how the path to a successful diversity recruiting strategy involve actions before, during and after the hiring process, similar to how Mertcan Uzan relayed the importance of “creating a compelling candidate experience for persons from underrepresented groups” and Morgan Lobb highlighted the value of improving “your organization’s ability to innovate from various backgrounds and experiences.”

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Dr. Angela Jackson

Dr. Joiselle Cunningham