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Seven (really good) reasons for your ATS and CRM to be on the same platform

Jonathan Kestenbaum of Talent Tech Labs provides great insight with his recent article delineating the seven reasons your ATS & CRM should be on the same platform. His seven reasons are as follows:

  1. Tech Stack Consolidation
  2. Integration of Data & Process
  3. Candidates are Customers and Need One Experience
  4. One Login for HR & One Interface
  5. One System of Record and Engagement
  6. One Source of Truth for Reporting
  7. Security

In essence, Kestenbaum notes that by unifying the vendor of your ATS & CRM, you can position your recruiting tech stack in the best position to both delight your internal user base as a TA Leader – recruitment teams & hiring managers – and your external user base – candidates. While some TA staff prefer to choose different providers of an ATS & CRM to ensure one might make up for the deficiencies of the other, by identifying a sole software provider of your ATS & CRM, the efficacy and efficiency of your hiring process have a much higher probability of increasing by providing a single source of data, security, and user experiences. 

In short, it would seem that if TA leaders want to ensure their companies’ recruiting ROI is progressively improving, it is a wise decision to consider the increasing internal and external benefits of selecting your next ATS & CRM from the same recruiting technology company.

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Jonathan Kestenbaum

Jonathan Kestenbaum