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Episode 18—Chatbots: Automation & Beyond

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Join chatbot expert, Chris Raw, as he discusses how this little piece of technology can power your entire TA strategy.

Episode 18 of the Hiring Success podcast features Chris Raw: chatbot expert and customer success manager at SmartRecruiters. Chris is a “recovering recruiter” who came to the vendor side of TA to work more closely with chatbots after seeing the profound impact this one piece of technology had on recruitment at the fashion e-commerce business where he was working at the time. 

Chris found that chatbots weren’t just about automating conversations, they could create meaningful touchpoints for candidates and provide actionable insights for recruiting teams.

In this episode, we discuss real-world examples of chatbot strategies with global companies that have found innovative ways to use chatbots including…

  • How Airbus automated 55,000 candidate questions in her first year saving hundreds of hours. 
  • How VBZ, Zurich’s public transport service, leveraged QR codes to turn customers into candidates.
  • How a global logistics company increased hiring velocity by 50% and turned their application completion rate to 95%.

If you enjoyed the podcast be sure to check out Chris Raw’s in-depth article “Automation & Beyond: How Chatbots Power Hiring Success.”

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