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The magic recruiting metric you’re probably not tracking

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Tom Weinert, a DOD/Intel Talent Acquisition advisor and Founder of Mount Indie, recently spoke with Jerome Ternynck, Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, about Hiring Success , the common pitfalls of legacy recruiting metrics, and why it is vital for the recruiting industry to pick up and utilize new metrics, such as Hiring Velocity.

For example, Weinert walks through an example where he identifies the time it takes to complete each stage of the hiring process, rather than cumulatively counting time to fill, so you can pinpoint the exact area for Hiring Velocity improvements. This additional metric, Time in Workflow, is Weinert’s go-to metric, as it allows teams to work backwards from their end goals, similar to Hiring Velocity.

Weinert’s hypothetical situation showcased how the primary bottleneck to the company’s hiring velocity was tied to the scheduling of interviews and follow-ups. With this insight, the recruiting team can now address this particular pain point as opposed to aimlessly reworking the entire hiring process.

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